Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stop Being A Damn Pussy!

Remember the war on Dungeons & Dragons in the late 70s and early 80s?  Ambulance chasing Lawyers wanting to make a name for themselves, religious nay sayers doing what they do best and yellow journalists hyping non-stories to fear monger society against something they didn't understand.

Pat Robertson railed against the dangers of fantasy role-playing game.  60 minutes ran a sleazy hit piece on Dungeons and Dragons. Tom Hanks starred in a now infamous made for TV movie, "Mazes and Monsters".  It scared parents all around the country and I'm sure role-playing books were confiscated leaving many young kids scratching their heads.

So what were the consequences of this dark time in American pop culture?  Not a damn thing!  Roleplaying Games are every bit as popular, if not more popular than the days of all the negative publicity.  There are far more choices of games, magazines and miniatures than they were when I first started gaming.

Yet a lot of gamers still whine about those days on the internet as if they have any effect on them today. Many of the whiners weren't even born until the mid to late 80s. You are not a victim, you are not oppressed, you don't need to become a goose-stepping Social Justice Warrior. You have complete freedom of choice on what you want to play.

For me, the movie Mazes & Monsters was actually the catalyst that sparked my interest in D&D.  I was pretty young but I remember watching the movie when it aired and thought "What is this movie that makes people go crazy because of how realistic it is? And where can I get a copy?!"

I look back on that movie now as just an odd period in history, but one I can laugh about. I didn't let the lies of liberal media outlets or scumbag lawyers affect my interests or life's enjoyments.

So get over what happened thirty years ago, laugh about it and STOP BEING A PUSSY!